pain as sacrament

erotic gore art and poems for trans fags

spinning swords with a red jem in the center
adults only in red blocky text, spinning

Here's some sounds or whatever

revisited some of those pocket miku samples. some older tracks when i was first delving into the samples on internet archive. slime was used in my partner's glitch art video

shitcore miku electronica. in progress. will probably chop it up and cut out some of the more uncomfortable and lilting bits and add some drums. the breakbeats are nice but need to be put in context. i like the sounds and automated delay/echo but it needs more structure. to get miku i used the pocket miku stylophone on a snare drum so the stylus would bounce as i played.

Nmber Station 01

Number Stations are cool as fuck so why not make a fake one based off of a twitter bot you follow and random bullshit you think of. Check out Web SDR to listen in.